All club tournaments, practices, and club events will be posted on the calendar and will be available for all to view.

Included on the calendar is general Marion Independent School calendar information such as early outs, late starts, etc.  These events are color coded yellow.  We will make every effort to keep this calendar up-to-date, but please also check the school calendar at  The school volleyball schedule has also been added to the calendar.  These events are color coded purple.

Each team has their own “calendar” that you can subscribe to.  To subscribe to a specific team calendar, simply click on the blue +Google Calendar in the bottom right corner of the calendar.  You will then be able to select which team calendars you would like to subscribe to and add to your own calendar.

Every effort will be made to ensure that any weekly practice changes are updated here, but be sure to stay in contact with your coach for all the latest updates.

You can also filter the calendar on the website to display certain teams within the club.  To display only certain team calendars, simply click on the blue drop down arrow in the top right corner of the calendar.  From there select the team calendars that you would like to display to filter the desired selection.

Also, be sure to review the calendar items for potential attachments or more detailed information based on the specifics of the event.

For additional assistance in using Google Calendars, please click here for a tutorial.