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All tournaments are held at:

Marion High School
675 South 15th Street
Marion, IA  52302

Doors Open……………….7:30am

Warm Ups Start………….8:20am

First Match Starts………8:30am

Below is general information. Please scroll down for specific tournament information.

Format: The format will be two pools consisting of four teams each pool*. for pool play we will play two games to 25 starting at 4-4.  The top 2 teams from each pool will move on to the Gold Bracket and the bottom 2 teams from each pool will move to the Silver Bracket. Bracket play will be 2 out of 3 games to 25, 3rd game to 15. All of bracket play will start at 0-0 and each set must be won by 2 points, no cap. A maximum of 12 medals will be awarded to 1st place in the Gold bracket and 12 medals to 1st place in the Silver bracket.   We will always play ahead of schedule.  The next match will begin at the conclusion of the proceeding match.

Tie Breaker:  All ties will be determined by: head to head win, point spread head to head, total pool play points, and as a last resort a coin flip between tied teams.

Warm Up: For each team’s first match of the day, warm-up will be 10 minutes (2 minutes shared ball handling, 4 minutes hitting for each team).  After the third match of the day, there will be a 6 minute warm-up (3 minutes each team).  No ball handling is allowed off the court while a team is warming up.  During warm ups, the officiating team should stand the center line between courts to prevent warm up balls passing over to the other court’s game in progress.

Officiating: Two Certified USA-V Adult members must be taking an active part in the officiating team.  One adult must be the R1, R2, or standing beneath the ref stand.  That person MUST have a whistle at the ready to make any calls the junior official does not.  The other adult must be at the score table doing ONE of the three duties (Scorer, Asst. Scorer, or Visual Scorer).

Certified ADULT R1 referees are required for all playoff matches.

Additional Items:

1.) Play will begin promptly at 8:30am (warm-up will start at 8:20am) and teams may arrive no earlier than 7:30am.  Each team should arrive at least 30 minutes early as we will play ahead.

2.) Ball warm up is strictly limited to the gym!

3.) Please check in with the Tournament Director at the tournament table upon arrival to verify rosters.  Please bring a current roster and marked volleyballs for warm ups.

4.) Concessions will be provided to all visitors.  Please, no outside food, coolers or potlucks.  You will be asked to remove the items.  2nd offense you will be asked to leave.  Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!

5.) There is a $5 entry fee for adults, $3 for seniors/students.

6.) There is no smoking on school grounds.

7.) No folding chairs, bleacher seating is provided.

8.)  A Mother’s Room will be provided upon request for nursing mothers.  Please contact the Tournament Director for details.

9.) TEAM CAMPS are to be limited to the cafeteria and should allow for safe accessibility throughout the facility by all visitors.  All camp areas are expected to be clean and orderly upon each team’s departure!  We appreciate your respect and common courtesy.

10.) Upon your team’s completion of their participation, we ask that you please check with the Tournament Director prior to leaving to finalize any responsibilities.  All teams are required to stay after a loss and ref the proceeding match.

*=Typical tournament, but not always.  Check specific tournament schedule for exact pool details.


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