Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are paid each year to be a continuing member of the Marion Magic Volleyball club. These dues are separate from the USA Volleyball membership, which is also renewed on an annual basis.

The club membership dues cover tournament entry fees, team t-shirt, jersey, team jacket (12u+), warm-up pants (12u+), spandex shorts, staff stipends, membership/background checks of staff, and new equipment.

How much are membership dues?

10u-11u League Team: $240
11u Local Team: $275
12u+ Regional Teams: $485

What is the payment schedule?

The first payment of a $100 deposit will be due at the Parent Meeting and then the remaining balance will be due based upon a schedule as listed below.

Sunday November 13th (Parent Meeting) – $100 deposit due

Wednesday November 30th – 10u/11u 2nd Payment Due – $100
12u/13u/14u 2nd Payment Due – $200

Saturday December 31st – 10u/11u Final Payment Due – $60
12u/13u/14u Final Payment Due – $175

What method of payment is accepted?

We accept cash and/or check as method of payment for club dues. We are currently looking into online payment opportunities.

Where are payments sent?

Cash or check payments can be mailed directly to:  

Marion Magic Volleyball
5825 Hamm Drive
Marion, IA 52302

Fundraising Opportunities

To help offset the cost of membership dues we are again offering fundraising opportunities.  We will again do Red Wheel Sales.  Other options could be available and will be shared at the Parent Meeting.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding membership dues or would like to review the payment schedule, please contact the Club Director, Jeff Kost, at